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Amazon Ads

Did we mention we’re data nerds?


Amazon is the online store that has everything you are looking for and it keeps adding to it. In fact, 50% of e-commerce purchases are through Amazon! Shocking, we know. When we think of Amazon many forget that selling a product on Amazon allows them the benefit to using their ad tools. Amazon is now the 3rd largest advertising platform this means that there it is a big enough platform to find your ideal consumers. Now you can reach customers when they are already on Amazon shopping and looking at your competitors or doing a general search.

There are two main ad types:

  • Sponsored products
  • Sponsored brands.

Simply put, the sponsored product ads are there to help Amazon customers discover products that you sell by showing them ads that appear in the search results.

Sponsored brand ads are ads that feature your brand logo, headline, and up to 3 products. We will be there to ensure that your ad budget is well spent and managed for your business as we are Amazon Ads Certified.

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