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Did we mention we’re data nerds?


Did we mention we’re data nerds? Reporting and dashboards shouldn’t generate this much excitement, but they do. Mostly because we know that this is where the rubber meets the road, and we get all excited about sharing your success with you, in real time.

Our monthly reports and dashboards are the window to the YuzzBuzz we’ll be creating for you across the digital universe. Regardless of the style, they’ve got a couple of really important goals:

  1. Identifying the paths visitors are taking to convert.
  2. Understanding the effectiveness of each marketing channel to ensure we know when and how to keep generating demand.
  3. Measuring and optimizing ROI.

With real-time data and dashboards, ​you​​ will always have your finger on the pulse of every campaign, every metric, every dollar. Everything will be fully transparent, beautifully designed, and fully customizable. Client meetings of the past where your agency “shares” information with you on slides…that’s the past.

Allow us to share our screens with you and review the KPI’s, ROI, and performance of your campaigns YuzzBuzz daily, weekly or monthly. Check out our sample dynamic dashboard below!

Example Sample Dashboard

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